Goran Nikolov

Not your digital advertiser,
but your growth partner.

All words and images have super powers, but the way you mix them defines your creative hour. I am fueled by wide-eyed interest in any topic, laser beam phrases, analytical mind and style most simple, yet enigmatic. I do social media marketing wizardry only.

Let Me Introduce Myself...

As a social media marketer, my only goal is to help small & local businesses the best way I can: with top-notch ads!

Over the last decade, I discovered my one true calling and that is to help small and local businesses promote their services or products using my social media marketing passion, my viking-like persistence, my ever-lasting curiousity, my out-of-the-box creativity and my expertise.

Do you know why many businesses fail with social media promotions?

It is quite common for business owners to try to learn how to run Facebook Ads themselves in effort to save money. That’s totally fine, however, there are bound to face three big challenges:

What Marketing Services Do I Provide

From content writing to graphic designing to basic programming, my digital background can be only described as dynamic. My true calling, however, is digital marketing, but I don't believe in one-man-show type of business. That's why I'm only offering expertise in 3 main fields:

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Social media marketing is where I’ve dedicated eight years of my professional life. I know Facebook & Instagram like the palm of my hand, since I’ve been studying not only people’s behavior on and off the social media platforms, but the ads algorithm as well.

Mentorship & Consultation

Are you looking to learn how to run Facebook Ads successfully? Or you want to be sure that you're not wasting money, and work & learn side by side with a social media marketing expert who's been doing this for years? If so, I'm looking for you too! It's a match - we need to talk.

Google Advertising

Having started my digital career as a content writer has certainly given me a solid foundation for writing in all formats for all placements. While I've only been running Google Ads for ~2 years, I've ran really profitable ads for multiple ecommerce clients who invest big bucks.

Interested Working With me?
Let's Meet!

I am always interested in meeting new business owners, feel their passion about their business, hear their ideas and see if I can truly help!
Let's meet and see if we can do campaign wizardry together.

What Do Previous Clients Say About Me?

In my digital marketing career, I've had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside some really amazing people whose passion for their business is unraveled. To this day, I am still in touch with most of my clients and they know they can rely on me, whenever in doubt or would appreciate some feedback. I always target for the long-haul and I am really happy that I am successful in doing so this far.

I chose to work with Goran on a critical eBook project because of his passion for Facebook advertising and Facebook messenger messaging. It has been a pleasure working with Goran so far and I look forward to further developing our working relationship for many years to come.
Karan Setia
CEO & Founder of BoostDiners
Goran is an expert with Manychat and setting up Facebook ad campaigns. He has excellent communications skills and is passionate in what he does. I look forward to working with him again after the COVID19 shutdowns.
Gerry Tacovsky
CEO & Founder of Vimaco
Excellent work!!! All goals achieved with good results. I was lucky to hire Goran for this job. Communication with him was very easy despite the time difference. Look forward to working together with him again.
Snezana Knezevic
CEO & Founder of Fazon
Goran managed my FB add campaign including Pixel integration. He is highly skilled & experienced and has strong communication skills. He additionally gave me great advice for my e-commerce shop. Will hire him again for the next campaign. Thanks again!"
Alexander Alt
CEO & Founder of Appliceasy

Let's Meet!

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