Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google Ads to grow your business to heights you never thought possible.

Google Ads help you connect with people who are actively looking for the products or services you’re offering and what sets the difference between you and all your competitors is that your ads will show up any time a relevant search happens. The best part is, you only pay if a customer interacts with you.

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Do you know how Google Ads can benefit your business?

When executed properly with a detailed strategy, Google Ads can be your most profitable channel for your business. The secret is that the potential audience has a buying intention already, so it’s up to your ads to “sell” it to them. When you start working with me on your Google Ads, your business will see:

What Do My Google Ads Service Include?

Campaign Plan & Setup

Competitor analysis is crucial when starting with a Google Ads campaign. I plan and set up your Google Ads campaigns that will beat your competitors with precise targeting, right keywords, bid metric and ad copies.

Testing & Optimization

Instead of reying on past experiences only, I will apply a variety of A/B testing to your Google Ads campaigns and optimize each following proven techniques and methods for maximized effieincy and profitability.

Web Review & Revisions

The landing pages on your web are highly important for the success of a Google Ads campaign. An attractive landing page created with high conversion rate in mind will help you get better results while keeping you cost-efficient.

Performance Max

Apart from Search Ads, Shopping ads and particularly PMax are a good fit to ecommerce companies. I use sophisticated data analysis and keyword planning to help your products stand out from your competition.


Besides looking for new prospects to boost your business, I will always have a retargeting Google Ads campaign active to ensure all interested parties will have a second, third or fourth chance to convert.

Data Analysis & Reports

By carefully and regularly reviewing data from Google Ads and Google Analytics, I will be continuously create, track and optimize your Google Ads with deep insights which will be available for you to review on a weekly basis.

Results For Google Ads Clients

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What Do Previous Clients Say About Me?

In my digital marketing career, I've had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside some really amazing people whose passion for their business is unraveled. To this day, I am still in touch with most of my clients and they know they can rely on me, whenever in doubt or would appreciate some feedback. I always target for the long-haul and I am really happy that I am successful in doing so this far.

I chose to work with Goran on a critical eBook project because of his passion for Facebook advertising and Facebook messenger messaging. It has been a pleasure working with Goran so far and I look forward to further developing our working relationship for many years to come.
Karan Setia
CEO & Founder of BoostDiners
Goran is an expert with Manychat and setting up Facebook ad campaigns. He has excellent communications skills and is passionate in what he does. I look forward to working with him again after the COVID19 shutdowns.
Gerry Tacovsky
CEO & Founder of Vimaco
Excellent work!!! All goals achieved with good results. I was lucky to hire Goran for this job. Communication with him was very easy despite the time difference. Look forward to working together with him again.
Snezana Knezevic
CEO & Founder of Fazon
Goran managed my FB add campaign including Pixel integration. He is highly skilled & experienced and has strong communication skills. He additionally gave me great advice for my e-commerce shop. Will hire him again for the next campaign. Thanks again!"
Alexander Alt
CEO & Founder of Appliceasy

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